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Wartales Pirates of Belerion DLC

Wartales Pirates of Belerion DLC

Tell me a story, from the Tales of the Seas.

We’re thrilled to announce that the first Wartales DLC : Pirates of Belerion is available for purchase! From now, players can claim this DLC for 19,99€ ($19.99).
A small preview can be seen here:

Embark on over +25 hours of new adventures and explore Belerion, a new hostile region far larger than any other part of the continent. Discover a land unlike anything you’ve seen with the first expansion to the world of Wartales! Unravel the secrets of the region’s storyline, discover new factions and master the new way to travel: navigation.

Besides, this DLC comes with a free update for everyone:

  • Master a new class : the Pugilist, with its own weapon
  • Enjoy new customization: faces, skin tones, hairstyles and facial hair
  • Claim new rewards by completing the hard modes of Arenas & Roustes
  • Discover many other additions and changes: new level cap, new recipes and more!

You can check the Wartales website or the game’s Steam page for further information about the development of Wartales.

Published on December 14 2023