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Northgard Sword & Solace Update

Northgard Sword & Solace Update

Sort our stuff, clean the Skali, hunt new preys… Between two battles, it’s not too difficult to find activities during the season of Renewal. And tonight, with the favour of Gods, the fest will even take place near the Runestone!

We are happy to finally present to you the seventh major free update to Northgard, Sword and Solace.
The Sword & Solace Update addresses numerous aspects of the game, with a particular focus on UI, Multiplayer experience, Military aspects of the game, and clan balancing.

Update Northgard: Sword & Solace Key Features

  • Discover animated backgrounds and more information about the different clans.
  • Choose new customization options in Single Player.
  • Proudly display your profile and multiplayer rank.
  • Filter games based on all the settings of a multiplayer game.
  • Work your way up the ladder, with a reworked ranking and GP systems!
  • Determine which reworked military paths is the best for you.

You can check the game’s website for further information or the Northgard official wiki on Gamepedia.

Courteous words, then courteous silence.
That he may tell his tale.

Odin ~ The Havamal

Published on May 4 2022