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Northgard Cross of Vidar

Northgard Cross of Vidar

A new world, new encounters, new battles.

We’re extremely proud today to welcome and present the long awaited Northgard Cross of Vidar extension pack. Available for 14.99€ (14.99$), this exceptional content allows players to discover a whole new campaign, with a new civilization, a new clan, mechanics and lore.
A small preview can be seen here:

The new campaign takes place a few years after the end of the previous story: Ragnarök has ravaged the land of Northgard, threatening our clans’ survival. In a desperate move, a few of them will begin a journey in hopes of finding a new home. There, they will meet new characters, get involved in a series of conflicts and alliances, and take part in a quest for the three swords that are said to hold the power to put an end to Ragnarök.


  • Enjoy 8 new missions, unique gameplay twists and a new story to uncover centered around both returning and new protagonists.
  • Discover a new civilisation, entirely different from vikings, with their own traditions, technologies, and culture: The Southern Kingdoms.
  • Play the Kingdom of the Lion, a kingdom focused on religious and military means, with its own new mechanics, relic and more.
  • Complete new campaign and clan achievements.

You can check the game’s website for further information or the Northgard official wiki on Gamepedia.

He is truly wise who’s travelled far and knows the ways of the world.
He who has travelled can tell what spirit governs the men he meets.

Odin ~ The Havamal

Published on December 13 2022