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Northgard Conquest Update

Northgard Conquest Update

Many are the people who know how to use a sword. Rarer are those who meet true brothers in arms. Blessed by the Gods are friends who enter Valhalla together.

We’re proud introduce the third major free update for Northgard, and the biggest one yet: Northgard Conquest

Northgard Conquest is a standalone game-mode that can be played solo or co-op, with a succession of various challenges offering a gaming expansion of 100+ hours. The difficulty of the co-op mode will be based on strong collaboration between players. 

Update Northgard: Conquest Key Features:

  • Take the throne on your own and personalise your clans with unique bonuses.
  • Share your adventure and overcome more powerfull obstacles in co-op mode.
  • Progress through the Conquest Map and complete specific challenges for each clan.
  • Discover new special units, buildings, resources events and maps.
  • Unlock new general, clans and difficulty achievements.
  • Keep ready to fight during a new multiplayer season.

You can check the game Steam page for further information or the Northgard official wiki.

“Friends should provide their friends
with weapons and clothing;
this kind of generosity shows.
Generous mutual giving
is the key
to lifelong friendship.”

Odin ~ The Havamal

Published on October 17 2019