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Northgard Clan of the Stoat

Northgard Clan of the Stoat

Gathering under one banner to overcome every trial.

We are delighted to present you today our new Northgard Clan DLC and, after the Lion, the second playable Southern Kingdom: Kernev, the Stoat. From now, players can claim the kingdom for 4,49€ (4,99$) and learn all about their skills, abilities and resources.
A small preview can be seen here:

Independent and protective, the populations of Kernev occupy autonomous territories, but they will unite in battle under the command of their powerful Lords. Nominoe’s knowledge of Viking cultures and diplomatic ways give the Kingdom the adaptability and allies to match any challenge.

Besides, this DLC comes with a free update for everyone:

  • 3 new conquests for the Rat and the Eagle
  • A Diplomacy rework: It’s time for the scouts to enter the place!
  • A fresh new look for Northgard with a complete revamp of environments, faces and more!

You can check the game’s website for further information or the Northgard official wiki on Gamepedia.

Affection is mutual when men can open
All their heart to each other:
He whose words are always fair
Is untrue and not to be trusted.

Odin ~ The Havamal

Published on August 24 2023