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Dune: Spice Wars House Vernius of Ix DLC

Dune: Spice Wars House Vernius of Ix DLC

We’re extremely proud to announce that the first DLC for Dune: Spice WarsHouse Vernius of Ix, is from now available for purchase, at a base price of 12.99€/$12.99. This DLC allows players to play a whole new technology-based House with their own units, unique mechanics and a charismatic leader.
A small preview can be seen here:

Led by the Earl Rhombur, House Vernius of the Ixian confederacy is the main provider of spacefolding ships in the galaxy. Their obsession with technological progress clashes with the prohibition on thinking machines imposed by the Butlerian Jihad. They’ve mostly managed to stay within the letter of the law until now, but a monopoly on spice could free them of these petty restrictions.

Besides, this DLC comes with a free update for everyone: Heroes of Dune.

  • Each faction can choose between 2 emblematic heroes to recruit that will influence their whole military strategy
  • Combat systems have been reworked with an emphasis on making army composition deeper and more diverse
  • Stealth becomes a more powerful and advanced mechanic

You can check the official website or the game’s Steam page for further information.

Published on March 7