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Shiro Games is an independent video game development studio based in Bordeaux, France. Our team is made of talented and passionate developers who strive for excellence and are brave enough to make bold decisions on a daily basis. We're always looking for more great people with good hearts, a will to take on any challenge and the ability to bring a new perspective that will make Shiro Games an even better studio.

Dune: Spice Wars Announcement

Dune: Spice Wars Announcement

Control the Spice, control the Universe.

After 2+ years of development in silence and secrecy at Shiro Games studio, we are very proud to finally present our next project, Dune: Spice Wars, based on Frank Herbert’s incredibly popular Dune franchise.
Combining elements of 4X, RTS and grand strategy games, Dune: Spice Wars will allow you to take charge of the Dune series’ most prominent factions and vie for control of the planet of Arrakis and the coveted Spice, by means of warfare, spying, politics or economic hegemony.

We are huge fans of this fascinating world that Frank Herbert created, with each of us sharing fond memories of the many books, video games, board games, movies and tv shows that have defined this series throughout our lives. So now, to be able to contribute to such an esteemed franchise, alongside our partners at Funcom is an incredible privilege.

We can’t wait to share more information with you all over the coming months and for you to join us on this journey when Dune: Spice Wars enters into Early Access on Steam in 2022.

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care…”

Princess Irulan ~ Manual of Muad’Dib

From now, wishlist the game on Steam, join the official Discord, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and check out the website here.

Published on December 10 2021