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Northgard Relics Update

Northgard Relics Update

For some of them it happened as dream, for others as vision. For all it was a gift. And since that day, guided by the Gods, the sledgehammers resonate day and night through Northgard…

The creation of relic has been rediscovered. Northgard: Relics is the biggest free content addition to the game and comes with a whole new game system. As Northgard: Ragnarok did, this major update introduces a new multiplayer season.

Update Northgard: Relics Key Features:

  • Unleash the whole potential of your Forges
  • Build wisely common or clan related Relics
  • Adapt your strategy to the new Relics effects
  • Discover the very coveted Anvil of the Gods
  • Enjoy balance improvements for clans, enemies and special tiles
  • Keep ready to fight during a new multiplayer season

You can check the game Steam page for further information or the Northgard official wiki on Gamepedia.

“At Ithavoll met the mighty gods,
Shrines and temples they timbered high,
Forges they set and they smithied ore,
Tongs they wrought, and tools they fashioned.”

The Völuspá ~ Edda Snorri

Published on March 13 2019