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Northgard Clan of the Ox DLC

Northgard Clan of the Ox DLC

Animals flee upon their approach, earth shackes under their feet and in their wake remain only devastated lands. They’re powerful and brutal. Who would be fool enough to try and stop them?

After the Snake, the Dragon, the Horse and last summer the Kraken, our fifth Northgard Clan DLC arrives today under the aegis of Himminbrjotir, the Ox.
Available for 4,49€ (4,99$), this DLC allows players to take control of a new Viking clan with its own terrific Relic, new Lore, unique equipment related mechanics and above all a powerful warchief: Thorfin. A small preview can be seen here:

Led by Torfin, an ancient leader who returned to help his progeny, the Clan of the Ox is known for its tremendous might and unrelenting devotion to its ancestors. While they may not be the fastest starters, once they’ve gained some momentum, they can crush anyone and anything in their way.

You can check the game’s Steam page for further information or the Northgard official wiki on Gamepedia.

“Baiting his powerful hook with the ox head,
Thor angled for Jorrmungandr,
while the giant meantime drew up two whales,
which seemed to him to be enough for an early morning meal.”

Myths of the Norsemen, from the Eddas and Sagas ~ H.A. Guerber

Published on January 29 2020