Shiro Games

Shiro Games is an independent video game development studio based in Bordeaux, France. Our team is made of talented and passionate developers who strive for excellence and are brave enough to make bold decisions on a daily basis. We're always looking for more great people with good hearts, a will to take on any challenge and the ability to bring a new perspective that will make Shiro Games an even better studio.



A small medieval town. A strange, lingering fog. Very few living souls. Four, to be exact. The rest is dead. Just not dead enough. Welcome to Darksburg!

We’ve revealed the trailer for our next project at Gamescom 2018. Darksburg is a new cooperative survival action game.
We’re aiming for an Early Access on Steam by mid 2019. Until then, you can keep up to date by following our Facebook page or the Shiro Games twitter account (@shirogames).

Darksburg – Reveal Trailer

Darksburg key features:

  • Master an unforgiving cooperative gameplay to survive the hordes of infected that overtook Darksburg
  • Manage (very) limited resources and master each survivor’s skills to prevail!
  • Challenge your team with the highest difficulty levels for even greater rewards
  • Play the bad guys in PvP!

Published on August 30 2018