Shiro Games

    Shiro Games is an independent video game development company based in Bordeaux, France. Founded in 2012 by Sebastien Vidal and Nicolas Cannasse, two veterans of the video game industry, the company’s objective is to create innovating and rich games. Our team is made of talented and passionate people.

    ShiroGames was created by:

    Sebastien Vidal: Former CEO of NCsoft Europe, Sebastien has more than 15 years of experience in the VideoGame industry!

    Nicolas Cannasse: Co-founder of MotionTwin, Nicolas is the creator of the programming language used for every Shirogames and MotionTwin games: Haxe.

    Our games:

    Evoland - 2013

    Evoland 2 - 2015

    Northgard - 2017

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    Last news

    Northgard Launch

    After a Year of early access, Northgard is finally officially launched!

    The official release comes with a major update, Rig’s Saga, including a br...